It’s been a long long time since the last time I wrote any journals, self-talk, or talking to something higher above.

I’m an introvert and I do have a lot of thoughts and self-talks in my head at all times. I don’t know to whom I should talk, which kind of has become an excuse to postpone my writing.
After hearing again and again from Brian Tracy about the powe of self-talk. I’ve decided to talk to you, the universe above.
Life has become richer and deeper for me in the past few years. I met people from all corners of the world with all kinds of background; started to do the work that I had desired; fell deeply in love with the wrong guy; got to taste the variety of life, while getting frustrated about life each and every year. Perhaps, life is never something that you can totally figure out. 


For years, I’ve read books about spirituality and couldn’t figure out what this spirituality is that we are looking for. I’ve read that, it is inside us and covered with dust. But, what is it? What is it like?

Do you have the same frustration?

I’ve been studying the Hoffman Process and it has shed light on me.

To put it simple, the spiritual self is the unconditioned part of ourselves. What an enlightenment! Along the journey of our growing up, we’ve been conditioned, affected and even contaminated by the environment around us. To find our spirituality, is to unlearn those conditions. It IS like flicking off the dust and let our spiritual self shine through!

It also makes me come to believe, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

When we unlearn all the conditions and find our spiritual self, we’ll start to experience joy, freedom and compassion in life.

Moya has one of the most beautiful voices: ethereal, pure and warm. It’s taking a spiritual shower listening to her music.




We are surrounded with noise: machines, vehicles, constructions, human chattering … Since the industrial revolution, we have been exposed to noise and it has been increasing. We somehow get used to it, even create noise ourselves to feel comfortable: turning on TV / radio as the first thing in the morning, always having something to listen to with earphones plugged into our ears, and feeling lost when there’s nothing sounded in the background.

Looking for those sound from outside made us lose contact with the sound inside, a sound that asks for quietness, for reflection, and for a moment of feeling present.

Even though the modern world has made it impossible to experience silence, we have our choice to put away the noise we created by ourselves, even if just for a few hours. You’ll get to fully experience whatever you do, observe whatever you see, and enjoy every moment wherever you are.

Take some noise-free moment. Let me know what you find. 🙂

It’s holiday season, a time for joy, sharing and gratitude.

I want to thank you for your support in the past one year as my reader, which has kept me writing and sharing;

I want to thank you for your trust in me as my client; being able to assist you in your journey gave me great joy and kept reinforcing to me the purpose of our lives, to be of help and support to each other.

I want to thank you for giving me your help without asking for return as my friend, which made me cherish our friendship.

I wish you in the coming year finding your passion, fulfilling your dream, coping adversity with ease, and living a prosperous life, both materially and mentally.

We have two re-posted posts on Balance, using our own photos in the posts! Cool? 🙂 Check them out!

Don’t waste your time & energy trying to “control” anything or anyone. All must be tamed, enticed or channeled.

When there’s negative thought in you, observe it,”Where is it in your body” and “How is it spreading.” Don’t try to avoid or control it out.

Treat your negative thoughts as a baby, find out why it’s there & come out better solutions to deal with the reason that made it there.

Only when you are able to face negative thought,does it have the possibility to go away. That’s the way to taming it, instead of controlling it.

Taming your thoughts is like catching a horse, not by chasing after it, but by standing still with an apple in your hand.

A friend is experiencing fundamental changes in his life, which has made him think a lot, worry a lot and try to find solutions a lot. When he’s at work, he thinks about what’s happening at home; when he’s back home, he thinks about what he may have overlooked at work. He felt exhausted and not enjoying his life.

You may have had the same experience. When you are doing one task, you worry about another one. When you are talking with someone, you have a lot of work issues going on on your mind. You have never given what’s going on at this current moment your full attention. If at every current moment you think about something else, be it your regret about what you’ve done or worry about what’s going to happen, you are not living your life, as life is a string of every current moment.

Start by putting your focus on every current moment. Give your full attention to the person you are talking to, the task you are working on, or even the food you are tasting. Not only will you find your effectiveness is improved, but you enjoy your life more.

Watch this video by the Buddhist teacher Michael Stone. It has the same idea.

How do I enter my life? Staring from the current moment.

We avoid pain and pursue pleasure. We don’t know pain is an essential ingredient in life. It’ll be unbalanced on the life scale without pain but pleasure. When it comes, fully experience it. Notice where it arises in your body, how it spreads into every part of your body and how it disappears.

Those who know how to experience pain know life.

Click below to enjoy this beautiful music, be it melancholy or peace.

Jeanette Alexander – Keep the Promise

Here’s an interview I did on “growing awareness on our body to achieve holistic balance”.

Here’s more information on how we can grow more awareness on our body.
Mind & Body Are One


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