Every Friday is Relationship Day.

Book Review of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

  1. The Basic Rule 

Men are motivated when they  feel needed. If a man does not feel needed in a relationship, he gradually becomes passive and less energized; with each passing day he has less to give the relationship. If he feels trusted to do his best to fulfill his loved one’s needs and appreciated for his efforts, he is empowered and has more to give.

Women are motivated when they feel cherished. If a woman does not feel cherished in a relationship, she gradually becomes compulsively responsible and exhausted from giving too much. If she feels cared for and supported, she is fulfilled and has more to give as well.

  2.   Reason of the Rule

As we learned in the previous reviews, men’s value is to prove themselves and develop their power. They want to use their power and skills in the service of the women when in a relationship. He feels confident and motivated when he expresses his best self and is appreciated. 

Women value love, communication and relationships. They experience fulfillment through sharing and supporting one another. She needs to be companioned and supported when she’s upset, overwhelmed or exhausted. It is of importance to a woman to feel supported and cared in a relationship.

   3.   How to Give Motivation 

  • Women give men motivation

Women tend to blame her partner when she feels she has been giving too much more than her partner. While she doesn’t realize that for men blaming means distrust and depreciation. Blaming does not work. Understanding, trust, acceptance and appreciation are the solution.

  • Men give women motivation

Companionship, empathy, and  listening are the best ways to show men’s caring and support. When a woman is upset, hopeless or exhausted, what she needs most is simply companionship, someone to listen, not solutions to her problems. Let her feel loved and cherished.